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Tuesday 8 September 2009

50th Birthday Present Ideas

Here's a link to our 50th Birthday Present ideas page, and here are links to some webshops that have a 50th birthday specific page...

up to £30
gettingpersonal.co.uk - 50th Birthday Gifts
PrezzyBox.com - 50th Birthday Gifts
a1gifts.co.uk - 50th Birthday Gifts

buyagift.co.uk - 50th Birthday Gifts

redletterdays.co.uk - 50th Birthday Gifts
buyagift.co.uk - 50th Birthday Gifts


Joanie King said...

The BEST 50th birthday prezzie I have ever given was a Rhyming Tribute! Go to www.rhymingtributes.com and check them out. I gave them all these facts about my husband and they wrote me a fantastic poem.

Unknown said...

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amylela said...

Thanks for sharing information.
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Halhazy said...

One of the most novel birthday gift ideas I've seen - especially for the more mature man - is this... www.celebrate-a-birthday.com. They let you create a personalised website based around a number of photos. The results are first class.

ford said...

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Sabina Dungarwalla said...

Thanks for your list of present ideas, the division by budget makes it easier to find gifts if you are limited to a budget.

WineGifts4U also has many 50th birthday presents available at an average cost of £30-£40 with free UK delivery - just to add to your list of 50th birthday present ideas.

Unknown said...

Birthday Gift Ideas

Very interesting post.Thanks for your list of present ideas.

Unknown said...

very nice list of 50th Birthday Gift Ideas & Presents. i am so confused while giving gifts so it help me alot thanks for the post.