Welcome to our blog. We'll be posting the best gift ideas that we come across and also general chit chat about gift selecting. If you are not familiar with GiftGen, it is a gift suggestion website. You just select a price range, age range and gender to get hundreds of gift ideas. Click here to try it!

Tuesday 24 March 2009

GiftGen named as the MOST USEFUL shopping site!

The Gift Ideas Generator was recently featured as the No. 1 'most useful shopping site' (beating eBay & Kelkoo!!!) in the Telegraph's '101 most useful websites' article.

I know it's a case of 'blowing your own trumpet' a bit, but we haven't mentioned this on the blog before and we were obviously extremely pleased about it!

Thursday 19 March 2009

Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Kids

Mothers day is almost here (It's this sunday coming!). Mothers day is about showing appreciation to your mum for all the things she does for you, like washing your clothes and cooking your dinner. It's the thought that counts, and not about spending a lot of money. Flowers and chocolates are usually popular gift ideas. Something handmade by yourself is a great way to give a unique gift. Try these sites for handmade mothers day gift ideas...

Thursday 5 March 2009

GiftGen Demo Video & 5 Star Review

We've just discovered that Channelflip reviewed our site in December (giving us 5 stars), and produced a great demo video...