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Thursday 11 December 2014

Buy Less this Xmas

If you're anything like me, right about now you're thinking about what to get people for Christmas. Although buying presents is meant to be about the joy of finding a really thoughtful gift that shows how much you care...

...somehow the reality is often a last-minute panic, and gifts that minutes after being received, have already been mentally assigned to the charity shop, or worse.

Instead of giving something that might be unwanted, how about giving a homemade present this year? There’s something about knowing the person has put in all that effort to give you something unique, that's difficult to beat. And it’s not so hard to make good gifts either.

Here's some ideas: Sloe gin (buy gin, pick sloes, combine - pour into a recycled glass bottle ... job done!); sugar body-scrubs in old jars with labels you’ve designed; a photo book; an mp3 mix tape – anything you can think of really. For some alternative inspiration, Max McMurdo from Kirstie's Fill Your House for Free shares his Xmas upcycling ideas on Nigel's eco store blog

And for presents that you do buy, buy vintage (on ebay), buy handmade (on etsy), buy something that people will love, that's resourceful and that doesn’t cost the earth.

About the author
Nigel from Nigel's Eco Store is passionate about reducing our household energy use.

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Thursday 23 October 2014

House nameplate - Great gift for a couple

As the name suggests, The House Nameplate Company produce high quality house nameplates. As you can see from the photo, they have lots of styles, made with various materials. You personalise them with your own text, which you enter using their really cool online design tool. You can play around with font faces, text size, nameplate shape, and material. They make a great gift idea for a couple - Perhaps as a Wedding present or anniversary present. Of course it doesn't have to be for a couple, and would make an unusual retirement gift for instance.
Visit housenameplate.co.uk and give their tool a whirl!