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Friday 24 April 2009


Looking for a special and memorable gift? An experience voucher could be just the ticket. There are a huge number of options these days, and you are not restricted to just costly hot air balloon flights or flying lessons. Some experiences are now under forty pounds, such as white water rafting, a full body massage, football stadium tours, Abseiling, dancing, helicopter ride, tea for two and more.

BuyaGift.co.uk have a HUGE selection of experience days, so check them out now!
Here's some links to their popular categories...

Thursday 2 April 2009

handpickedcollection.com - Classic present ideas handpicked by style journalists & trendsetters.

We've just discovered handpickedcollection.com, which has unique gift ideas selected by a panel of 'style journalists & trendsetters'. Their main categories are.. With sections containing...Products appear to be very good quality and are in the £5 - £100 price range.
Click here to visit their site.